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ColdFusion Builder 2.0  -  Bug 2820937

Created on Thursday, March 3, 2011

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RDS Query Viewer does not exist error


Problem Description:

When right-clicking on a table in the RDS Dataview and choosing RDS Query Viewer, I get the error "/MyProject/.rdsTempFiles/RDS Query Viewer does not exist"

Steps to Reproduce:

Go to RDS Dataview window.
Right click any table.
Choose RDS Query Viewer.

Actual Result:

The above error message.

Expected Result:

I get a query window.

Any Workarounds:

Test Configuration

My Hardware and Environment details:

Win7 64bit
Quad Core 2.8Ghz

App Language(s) English
OS Language(s) English
Platform(s) Windows 7 64-bit

Notes (6)

  • Mukesh Kumar

    11:23:04 PM GMT+00:00 Feb 1, 2016

    RDS Query viewer issue is fixed and the fix will be made available in the upcoming release.


  • Raymond Camden

    12:48:24 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 25, 2014

    As an FYI, this still exists 3 years down the line - CFB3.

  • Peter Freitag

    8:57:25 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 28, 2011

    Also seeing this on a Mac, see this forum thread for more info:

  • Sagar H Ganatra

    11:33:22 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 10, 2011

    There is a bug for this in the bug database. Will be closing this since this is a duplicate one.

  • Douglas Smith

    7:58:20 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 6, 2011

    Further info. IF the project name is two words and not one, then the problem shows up. e.g. a project named "testlist" works fine, but "test list" causes the error.

  • rcollins

    1:20:20 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 3, 2011

    After playing around a bit more, it looks like the folder it is looking for does actually get created, but I still cannot get past the error. New screenshot added.

Duplicate ID
Reported By rcollins


State Closed
Status Fixed


Priority 3-High
Frequency Some users will encounter
Failure Type Non Functioning
Product Area Server\RDS Support


Found In Build Gold Master
Fixed In Build

Votes (2)

  • Peter Freitag

    8:57:45 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 28, 2011

    Causes RDS Query Viewer not to work

  • Pegasus444

    7:28:45 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 4, 2011

    Same error. Win7 32-bit, CF901.

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