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Adobe AIR 2.x  -  Bug 2901450

Created on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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[Platform_Android] AEC in Android not working


Problem Description:

getEnhancedMicrophone always returns null instead of Microphone object instance

Steps to Reproduce:

code snippet from Flash builder 4.5.1 (with AIR SDK 2.7)
var mic:Microphone = Microphone.getEnhancedMicrophone();

Actual Result:

Microphone object instance is null

Expected Result:

Microphone object should have a proper instance after calling getEnhancedMicrophone

Any Workarounds:


Test Configuration

Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)
Android 2.2.1
Adobe AIR

App Language(s) English
OS Language(s) English
Platform(s) Android 2.x
Browser(s) Unspecified

Notes (19)

  • Deepika Sharma

    2:29:09 AM GMT+00:00 Aug 12, 2016

    Acoustic Echo Cancellation on Android is now available with AIR latest beta build AIR 23.0.230.

    Please find the release notes for latest AIR 23 beta build at below link: notes.pdf

    Latest AIR 23 Beta Build:
    Download Adobe AIR 23 Beta - Adobe Labs

    Adobe AIR Team

  • R C

    7:17:41 AM GMT+00:00 May 2, 2014

    Just adding to what reelportal said....

    Blackberry is removing Adobe AIR in favor of people exporting to Android .apk and then converting to a .bar file. This gives users the ability to export the latest AIR 13 version as Android, and then also package that version for the Blackberry store.

    Now I'm curious is this route would still allow for the AEC on blackberry through AIR.

  • reelportal

    8:18:36 PM GMT+00:00 May 1, 2014

    Good News: AEC is implemented in Adobe AIR 3.50.230, on the Blackberry BB10 Phone OS I tested in on the Blackberry DAC.

    It works great, just like the desktop version. You can try it out on my app ReelSquare and ReelPortal.

    Now why can't Adobe just bring it to Android and iOS?

    Now the bad news: Blackberry will kill Adobe AIR on BB10 soon :(.

  • dewaynekorth

    4:40:33 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 5, 2014

    I would pay good money for this fix or ane. I am so close to providing a video conference solution for a customer but this is holding us to the desktop.

  • BramCohen447

    6:01:42 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 18, 2014

    The status now says 'deferred'. Any word on when this will be done? This is a showstopper problem for a whole class of mobile applications, including mine!

  • Nicolas Dion Bouchard

    5:01:59 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 17, 2013

    When you say "It is expected that mobile device microphone input does not contain acoustic echo.", you do realize that while it's expected, the result is not what is expected at all? The audio DOES contain acoustic echo and thus it is unusable and so, AEC becomes really relevant to say the least.

    In understand that it's unlogical that the audio contains acoustic echo on a mobile device which is supposed to be built for such use. But in fact, for unknown reason, it does not work, in AIR at least. Maybe Android supports AEC in a native way but it seems to be inoperative within AIR. We, developers, really need this feature in order to build any serious communication app on mobile.

  • R C

    1:13:28 PM GMT+00:00 Aug 8, 2013

    Any updates on when this will be available? No AEC support on mobile is very frustrating!

  • qiang liu

    2:52:15 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 11, 2012

    should add this feature

  • Nicolas Dion Bouchard

    6:22:43 AM GMT+00:00 Nov 26, 2012

    Any updates on this feature? Is AEC coming to AIR mobile any time soon? At least a native extension would be a good compromise, if possible.

  • Zlatko Ignjatovic

    12:40:53 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 5, 2012

    I think that the documentation should be updated in the meantime, to reflect this behavior (Mobile platforms not supported by this method).

    At least saves the time to figure out why it's not working

  • Jian Zhang

    6:21:31 PM GMT+00:00 Nov 10, 2011

    @DARIWUDL Thanks for your suggestion. Though currently this feature is desktop only(,, it doesn't mean it won't be improved in future releases. I have left this issue as Enhancement Required so that our product management team can review it.


    5:13:50 AM GMT+00:00 Nov 10, 2011

    @Jian Zhang, with your statement below:
    10:53:28 PM PDT Jun 21, 2011

    According to internal design spec, AEC is not relevant to mobile. It is expected that mobile device microphone input does not contain acoustic echo.

    you are as wrong as you ca be!!!

    It is totally clear to every developer who has tried an implementation regarding video chat or similiar topics, that AEC on mobile is the only relevant and therefore most important thread AIR (unfortunately up to 3.0) has.

    Your own platform evangelists know this in detail, at least - but not limited to - Mark Doherty and other advanced developers like Hasan Otuome.

    Both of them have provided sample developments, Mark Doherty with Radar, Hasan Otuome with:


    In both apps you can easily discover that there is no bigger problem than AEC and noise surpression - these are the only problems which cause any attempt to develop a cross platform video/audio app to be unsucessful.

    I can`t believe that you intend to keep this big lack of functionality from AIR as it is by now.

    My developers and me have tried everthing imanginable during the past 4 months, but this audio problem can not be brought under control.

    I am convinced that the whole developer community will be very disappointed if you won`t care about this issue.

    Therfore i seriously hope that you last statement was meant as joke...

    I honstely can`t believe that you are not interested in giving the Flash/Flex/AIR developer community, a REAL chance to develop apps which are competitive to Skype or Face Time...

    nervous greetings from my side so far...

  • Jian Zhang

    1:47:26 AM GMT+00:00 Nov 4, 2011

    @klaj-klaj Device speaker selection feature has been added in AIR3.0. See

  • yonodo

    7:19:22 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 14, 2011

    same bug here, tested on HTC Desire.

  • Jian Zhang

    8:06:10 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 23, 2011

    @balwantbisht2k413 This is an issue different from the original one. Could you file another bug report for better tracking? Thanks!

  • b b

    1:44:28 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 23, 2011

    I am using flash builder 4.0.1 with flex sdk 4.1 and air sdk 2.7. But wherever application is calling
    var mic:Microphone=Microphone.getEnhancedMicrophone();

    Air application is throwing the following error "TypeError: Error #1006: getEnhancedMicrophone is not a function."

    I am testing on Air and Win 7 OS

    Do I need Flash builder 4.5.1 to use AEC in Air 2.7?

  • Zlatko Ignjatovic

    6:29:00 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 22, 2011

    By not working (in the last note) I meant that echo is audible if regular getMicrophone is used

  • Zlatko Ignjatovic

    6:27:03 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 22, 2011

    I see, but it seems not to be working in the current implementation on several devices (tested HTC Desire too).

    In addition to this, maybe it would be helpful to be able to play the audio on the earpiece of the mobile device instead of the speaker - but I got a response on Adobe forums that it is not possible ?

    And maybe it should be noted someplace in the documentation that this call should not be used on Android AIR (or all mobile AIR for that sake)

  • Jian Zhang

    10:53:28 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 21, 2011


    According to internal design spec, AEC is not relevant to mobile. It is expected that mobile device microphone input does not contain acoustic echo.

Duplicate ID
Reported By Zlatko Ignjatovic


State Closed
Status Deferred
Reason EnhancementRequired


Priority 2-Medium
Frequency Some users will encounter
Failure Type Non Functioning
Product Area Audio


Found In Build 2.7
Fixed In Build

Attachments (0)

No Files Attached

Votes (25)

  • Craig Craig

    7:05:37 PM GMT+00:00 Aug 16, 2015

    Ok...its mid 2015, this has been requested since 2011. People are using different technologies because AIR for Android doesn't support this. Adobe AIR 19 is in beta and AEC is still not available for mobile. It's working for desktop so with some help from Google you should be able to come up with something for Android.

  • choi hakkyu

    9:54:39 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 2, 2015

    please AEC.....
    very very important..

  • ray ye

    12:09:44 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 29, 2014

    It's very import function for us. Please fix it.

  • ilya dv

    9:47:40 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 15, 2014

    There're serious echo-related issues when you create audio/video chat apps.

  • Burhan Bozkurt

    8:05:31 AM GMT+00:00 Aug 22, 2014

    This is crucial for our video chat app, too. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • benjik_1000

    11:02:17 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 3, 2014

    Please fix it. This is a show-stopper for any video/audio based application

  • alexejs skurjats

    8:13:38 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 3, 2014

    Please fix it! Really need this feature!

  • seyfullah bilgin

    10:34:56 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 7, 2014


    please Adobe, fix the problem...

  • R C

    7:40:39 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 7, 2014

    This is a MUST for any serious conferencing app. There are SO MANY applications for this feature. We need this ASAP

  • Reynaldo Columna

    7:22:40 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 7, 2014

    AEC is crucial for any serious videoconferencing application, i didnt even know this was an issue and we're about to build a broadcasting app. great timing.

  • dewaynekorth

    4:37:25 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 5, 2014

    If this worked then Air Mobile could provide a complete cross platform video conference solution. So close yet with the echo so far away.

  • BramCohen447

    6:03:25 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 18, 2014

    This is a showstopper problem for conferencing apps. It isn't really even a feature request, it's broken core functionality.

  • jamix3

    5:18:20 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 28, 2013

    AEC is crucial for any serious videoconferencing application, and lack of AEC in AIR Mobile is stopping us from creating a native Android app for our video calling service.

  • cwielage

    2:40:16 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 17, 2013

    We need this feature to for our application.

  • torresvictor

    1:21:05 PM GMT+00:00 Dec 12, 2013

    This is of key relevance. Please add it!

  • Sameer.Khavanekar

    2:48:31 PM GMT+00:00 Jul 24, 2013

    We received a lot of complaints because people can hear themselves back while using video chat. User experience is affected due to lack of AEC support.

  • Kapil From Fullestop

    12:34:09 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 16, 2013

    This feature highly required to developed any audio mobile application, without this option almost Mobile application development get half in the feature.

    We are also required to develop a Audio/Video chat mobile application, But because of this feature leaking we are not able to develop this in ADOBE

  • amitaymolko

    9:46:04 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 1, 2012

    A must for Mobile video chat apps.

  • mmah-umd

    8:25:04 AM GMT+00:00 Nov 26, 2012

    Acoustic echo suppression is used for speakerphone calls. The fact this is not available for applications is disappointing.

  • Nicolas Dion Bouchard

    6:21:47 AM GMT+00:00 Nov 26, 2012

    If you want to build a serious communication app on a mobile device using AIR, you have to get AEC to work.

  • John O Moore

    7:58:45 AM GMT+00:00 Mar 7, 2012

    This feature is essential for building chat applications in AIR. Please implement this feature.

  • DividualJP

    12:02:48 AM GMT+00:00 Mar 5, 2012

    We need this feature so bad on iPhone, iPad and Android.

  • reelportal

    12:42:25 AM GMT+00:00 Feb 24, 2012

    AEC should be easy on mobile devices, because they all have hardware AEC built in for telephony. I read somewhere that Skype and Gtalk are using that feature, so hopefully Adobe will allow access to that soon.

  • grgapitic

    12:41:28 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 13, 2011

    To use Adobe AIR technology to implement audio/video chat functionality on Mobile devices, AEC is a must.
    Definitly vote.

  • BryBam

    12:34:17 PM GMT+00:00 Nov 22, 2011

    I have terrible echo on my Nexus One and Motorola Xoom.

    Please implement AEC "EnhancedMicrophone" for Android ASAP!!

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