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Adobe Flash Player 10.3  -  Bug 2967341

Created on Saturday, September 10, 2011

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[Platform_Windows] Firefox hangs then Adobe Flash crashes


Problem Description: Pandora hangs upon opening

Steps to Reproduce: open>integrated pandora player never loads and Firefox freezes until The Adobe Flash crashes screen appears.

Actual Result:

Expected Result:

Any Workarounds: None at this time. I uninstalled and reinstalled all Adobe products as they were affected(AIR, Flash, and Shockwave). Also rolled driver back for Nvidia GT220 PCI card and reinstalled the drivers. Problem has reappeared after 2 days of working correctly. There are two .dmp files from this morning at the same instance of the failure. I can provide the other one if requested.

Test Configuration

1, For issues related to Video/Audio/Rendering, please upload your system info file.

2, It will be always helpful if you can provide code snippet that can reproduce the issue.

App Language(s) ALL
OS Language(s) English
Platform(s) Windows 7
Browser(s) Firefox All

Notes (7)

  • Salvador Madayag

    4:24:43 PM GMT+00:00 Jan 13, 2012

    cannot proceed without more information. closing...

  • Salvador Madayag

    2:01:07 PM GMT+00:00 Dec 2, 2011

    which version of firefox are you running? also, are your drivers up to date? there may be some incompatibilities with older drivers prioe to 2009.

  • thecarnivale

    11:51:38 PM GMT+00:00 Sep 16, 2011

    Toshiba is the new file with all the info i can provide. As a note, this has now be duplicated on a Windows 7 64-bit OS Toshiba laptop purchased yesterday.

    This issue has only been duplicated on the Toshiba via firefox and no other browser or app as of current posting.
    Other sites that crash would be, flash based test tool), videos only)

    I apologize for the delay but I had a death in the family and i have been out of town as a result.

    The comment regarding Android...It is on a Windows 7 OS.

    Firefox is a custom Desktop I built
    Firefox crash is a laptop

    Any other questions please let me know.


    3:55:13 PM GMT+00:00 Sep 13, 2011

    can you post some Crash IDs that you submitted/forwarded to mozilla? they should be begin with "bp-" some string.

  • Hitomi Kudo

    3:30:34 PM GMT+00:00 Sep 12, 2011

    I don't think this happened on Android. I changed build information to but if it's different, please change it.

  • thecarnivale

    11:06:50 AM GMT+00:00 Sep 10, 2011

    Both .dmp files are included in the .zip file. Again apologize for my n00b statis with this bug report. First time...

  • thecarnivale

    11:05:15 AM GMT+00:00 Sep 10, 2011

    Feel free to email with any other information needed. I am not literate with the bug reports so please be patient with me. Thank you in advance.

Duplicate ID
Reported By thecarnivale


State Closed
Status Withdrawn
Reason CannotReproduce


Priority 4-Very High
Frequency All users will encounter
Failure Type Non Functioning
Product Area Browser Integration


Found In Build
Fixed In Build

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