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Adobe Flash Player 11.0  -  Bug 3018637

Created on Thursday, November 3, 2011

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[Platform_Windows]Flash Player crashes in every browser if a second instance of the Sound object is not stopped.


Problem Description:

Flash Player crashes in IE 8 and 9, Chrome 14, FireFox 5.0, and Safari.

Problem appears if there is a second instance of the Sound object that is not stopped and you continue loading and unloading external swfs into a movie clip. All swfs are compiled for AS2.

Tested on 64-bit Vista, 64-bit Windows 7, and 32-bit Windows XP.

Steps to Reproduce:

Actual Result:

Expected Result:

Any Workarounds:

Test Configuration

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Platform(s) Win XP All
Browser(s) Chrome All

Notes (3)

  • Jian Zhang

    9:57:20 PM GMT+00:00 Nov 7, 2011

    Close as dup of #3015229

  • tractor_jack

    7:34:07 PM GMT+00:00 Nov 7, 2011

    I have found what I believe to be a thread that is related to this problem on the Adobe Forums at:

    This forum states that there may be an issue in FP11 with swfs compiled using CS5.5. I have attached a new file titled "" that illustrates that recompiling using CS4 has NOT solved the problem for me.

    Hopefully, fpMonster from the Adobe Forum and someone here at BugBase can get together and compare notes on this issue.

  • tractor_jack

    8:32:23 AM GMT+00:00 Nov 3, 2011

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. For both of the attached use cases, launch index.html in any browser.

    2. Click the left and right arrows randomly

    3. Eventually, the Flash Player will crash in the browser.

    Test Configuration:

    I have attached a zip file with 2 reproduce examples. The file is, which contains and

    The crash occurs more often using, however, the code may not be as easy to follow.

    The crash occurs less often using, however, the root cause of the crash is clearly identified in

    Add Note:

    We look forward to hearing that this issue will be resolved in a subsequent release of the Flash Player.

    var g_sound:Sound = new Sound();
    g_sound.setVolume ( 100 ) ;

    var g_sound_popup:Sound = new Sound();
    g_sound_popup.setVolume ( 100 ) ;

    // Without the next line, FP will eventually crash in all browsers
    // as you load external swfs into a main swf

    //g_sound_popup.stop ( ) ;

Duplicate ID 3015229
Reported By tractor_jack


State Closed
Status Withdrawn
Reason Duplicate


Priority 2-Medium
Frequency All users will encounter
Failure Type Usability Issue
Product Area


Found In Build
Fixed In Build

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