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Adobe Flash Player 11.2  -  Bug 3161034

Created on Monday, April 9, 2012

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[Platform_Linux]Flash player doesn't work with Firefox under Linux


Problem Description:
Flash player doesn't work with Firefox under Linux. Unlike the case where no plugin is present, there is no comment that a plugin is needed, the video simply fails to load. The check Flash player version utility on the help pages also fails to load.

Steps to Reproduce:
Firefox 11.0 and v11.2.202.228 on Debian Squeeze, kernel 2.6.32-5-686

Actual Result:
Flash items do not load. Video, games, check version utility.

Expected Result:
They should load.

Any Workarounds:
The plugin bundled with Google Chrome ( gives working Flash when imported in to Firefox. It also claims to be v11.2.202.228. It seems clear the problem is with the available on the Adobe download page.

Test Configuration

*********INFO BOARD*********

If bug is set as ToTrack or Closed as Defer, it means we have reproduced the problem, but unfortunately, it does not get high enough priority to address in our current release. We track follow up messages and votes info for each bug. Please help us to vote the bug if you run into the same issue, let us know the impact for your development and business. Thank you.


1, For issues related to Video/Audio/Rendering, please upload your system info file.

2, It will be always helpful if you can provide code snippet that repro the issue.

App Language(s) English
OS Language(s) English
Platform(s) Linux
Browser(s) Firefox All

Notes (30)

  • ilias63

    2:19:02 AM GMT+00:00 Oct 5, 2014

    Could someone advise me if it was planned any recompile on current or future versions to support non-SSE2 computers?

  • panowee

    5:03:42 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 29, 2014

    A workaround is to use Flash Player (10.3). Instructions for Debian at (step 1 of the first post there was sufficient to make Flash work).

  • paiiou

    9:17:14 AM GMT+00:00 Oct 8, 2013

    I can only regret this attitude of Adobe.
    It is pitiful.
    It does not regain prestige!!!

  • Tardsmiter

    6:47:55 PM GMT+00:00 Sep 5, 2013

    Why is this still a thing? Just compile the damn application without the necessity for SSE2! I know my old Athlon can handle Youtube videos, I've seen it on the old Adobe Flash 11.2 version. So make the newest versions work for it! I know you guys can do it, but you simply REFUSE to. So stop being dicks and get to work!

  • FIX MY XP2400

    9:01:15 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 30, 2013

    >> ToTrack: it means we have reproduced the problem, but unfortunately,
    >> it does not get high enough priority to address
    >> in our current release

    Do we laugh or we cry ???
    No time to disable a compiler switch.
    BTW, how much time did it take you to enable the switch....

  • paiiou

    6:35:29 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 28, 2013

    I have the same problem with 3 machines.

    Please, rebuild quickly w/o sse2

  • millergorilla1st

    4:06:53 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 23, 2013

    Please, please recompile the libflashplugin with no sse2 flag. I have several machines that are running flash succesfully but using the older, less secure version as reported here:

    However, I cannot guarantee to my customers that it is secure. Many users may be discarding their older laptops in favour of buying new ones. Is it your intention to stimulate them to do this? Do you guys at adobe have a vested interest or shares in new pcs? The haves and the have nots in pc distribution is something that should concern us all. minimising this gap whilst at the same time preventing damage to the environment by unnecessarily discarded laptops/pcs is an important environmental issue and this sse2 issue only takes four key strokes to solve and does not affect the distribution of the flash plugin to end users at any level so please invest a little time in the next distributed version/update. Many thanks.

  • bobluciano

    8:30:43 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 22, 2013

    I am running Ubuntu on an HP with an Althon XP 2200. Same problem. Using an older 11.1 version. Seems like a simple fix. Is it?

  • WacoJohn

    9:00:16 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 10, 2013

    Yes, a year later ... zero response. Xubuntu on old Compaq Desktop with coppermine celeron CPU. Have to run flash 10x.x.x. There are tens of thousands of us ... please fix.

  • FIX MY XP2400

    12:01:25 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 14, 2013

    Nearly one year to fix a compilation option.
    Will they fix it before end of support ?

    English bookmakers waiting your bet.

  • FIX MY XP2400

    3:45:42 AM GMT+00:00 Nov 14, 2012

    November 2012, still not fixed, still not a dev team member looking at this bug tracker...

  • FIX MY XP2400

    4:21:31 AM GMT+00:00 Oct 5, 2012

    Another UP UP UP UP UP UP but adobe really have nothing to do with its bugtracking system....

  • FIX MY XP2400

    2:05:43 PM GMT+00:00 Sep 13, 2012

    Don't you think you make MANY MANY energy deployed FOR NOTHING Adobe ??????????????????????????

  • FIX MY XP2400

    6:13:29 AM GMT+00:00 Sep 9, 2012


    Does SECURITY by adobe means "install old flawed version" ?

    Another AMD XP2400 broken by your incompetence.


  • FIX MY XP2400

    4:31:10 PM GMT+00:00 Aug 17, 2012

    THEY DID NOT FIXED IT !!!! STUPID GUYS. What do you want more than thousands of dead machines, many pages on google detailling your fail and a 18 votes ?

    Just do "google:sse2 flashplugin"

  • root234

    11:46:30 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 31, 2012

    I am bit confused!
    Is Adobe is out of business?
    Has Adobe no process defined, how to deal with bugs and to use this bug-tracking tool?
    No reaction at all from Adobe since Apr 9, 2012????

  • root234

    6:58:05 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 18, 2012

    @adobe: Are there any plans to recompile Flash-plugin and following without SSE2 required?

  • Tothwolf

    3:21:33 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 16, 2012

    Crash Reports for

    1 week:

    4 weeks:



    The graph shows the peak number of crashes with the March 10, 2012 Firefox build, which also coincides with the Flash Player 11.2 (Brannan) release date.

    The table shows these crashes are occurring on computers running Linux.

    Related bug reports:

    Duplicates of 968759:


  • Tothwolf

    1:47:09 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 16, 2012

    Duplicate bug # 3158108

  • Tothwolf

    12:48:44 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 15, 2012

    Duplicate bugs # 3154276 and # 3155858

  • Tothwolf

    11:02:44 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 14, 2012


    This bug is still present with Adobe Flash Player versions and as tested with Firefox 12 and Firefox 13 under Linux.

    I can reproduce this behavior on a number of CPUs which do not support the SSE2 instruction set, including:

    Intel Pentium III Coppermine
    Intel Pentium III Tualatin
    Intel Celeron Mendocino
    Intel Celeron Coppermine-128
    Intel Celeron Tualatin-256
    Intel Pentium M
    AMD Athlon XP

    [I could also test on older processors, but there is little point in doing so since this is clearly an SSE2 instruction set issue.]

    This only occurs with Adobe's official build of the Flash Player plugin. The '' Adobe Flash Player plugin build distributed by Google that ships with the Linux version of Google Chrome is not compiled with the SSE2 compiler flag and that build of the Flash Player plugin works properly under Linux on the above CPUs. Tested with Google's '' build version md5sum 58e48350459e8b12b3f1cba047184583 (reports as "Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202 5/22/12") and version md5sum 349b780e8b5b6194d111597a5666b015 (reports as "Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202 6/07/12").

    Adobe developers, please remove the SSE2 option from the compiler and linker flags. Despite the roadmap status of the Linux version of Flash Player 11.2, this is most certainly a bug that needs to be addressed.

    This bug affects 1000s of users (if not more) and if not corrected, users will continue to install older versions of the Flash Player plugin that are vulnerable to exploits. Many Linux support forums are currently instructing users to install such vulnerable versions including and

    As a side note, when the Adobe Flash Plugin that is compiled with SSE2 is used on a machine without SSE2 support, it appears to significantly slow down the web browser when the plugin crashes on pages with flash content.

    "I want to reiterate that it is our policy that crashes are serious “A” priority bugs [...]" Flash Bug Report (Emmy Huang)

  • ajhcasual

    9:19:32 AM GMT+00:00 May 22, 2012

    When windows is installed on the machine, the same version number ( works. Does this mean that the windows version of Flash does not yet include sse2?

  • ElectTech

    3:05:01 PM GMT+00:00 May 12, 2012

    All Flash releases since fail. I currently have installed in Firefox 12, but some releases failed on Firefox 11 (I am not sure which releases I tried on Firefox 11). My processor is an AMD Sempron 2400+.

  • nerd_girl

    4:11:07 AM GMT+00:00 May 2, 2012

    I have this problem too.
    AMD Athlon 900.
    Debian 6
    I've tried firefox and seamonkey.
    Youtube and all flash sites shows a black box instead of the player.

  • lahtis

    6:17:24 AM GMT+00:00 May 1, 2012

    I have similar error for my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
    all newest flash not working version are
    Adobe-flashplugin and also
    Flashplugin-installer not working.

    Using Firefox 11.0 and the Adobe's Shockwave Flash in youtube. Youtube and all flash sites shows a black box instead of the player.

    i have a old computer and prosessor support only sse.
    AMD athlon XP 1800+

  • Strykaas

    4:32:56 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 28, 2012

    I can reproduce this issue with Lubuntu 11.10, AMD 32 Bits Athlon XP 3000+.
    I can no longer use FLASH with this release !
    Please remove SSE2 build options !

  • lhjdsa

    12:18:36 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 13, 2012

    Can confirm this was on a AMD Athlon XP (2200+), which supports SSE but not SSE2.

  • jgotts

    2:44:43 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 12, 2012

    Please generate a new version of which is not compiled with SSE2 instructions. Many processors don't support these. Thanks!

  • mhodak

    10:15:38 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 12, 2012

    I see the same behavior on my AMD Athlon XP 2400+, which AFAIK has SSE but not SSE2.

  • rnjacobs

    2:30:38 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 9, 2012

    I was able to reproduce in chromium w/ the system flash plugin too.

    I think this is a due to change in build flags — on my (admittedly very old) Athlon tbird, I was finally able to coax out a SIGILL from the plugin:

    Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction. 0xb34eaa40 in ?? () from /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/ (gdb) disas 0xb34eaa40,+0x10 Dump of assembler code from 0xb34eaa40 to 0xb34eaa50: 0xb34eaa40: movaps xmm2,XMMWORD PTR [ebx-0x124f78] 0xb34eaa47: lea eax,[ebx+0x447a8] 0xb34eaa4d: movdqa xmm1,XMMWORD PTR [ebx-0x124f88] End of assembler dump.

    and athlon tbirds don't support SSE.

Duplicate ID
Reported By lhjdsa


State Open
Status ToTrack


Priority 2-Medium
Frequency Some users will encounter
Failure Type Non Functioning
Product Area Browser Integration


Found In Build
Fixed In Build

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Votes (33)

  • panowee

    4:30:38 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 29, 2014

    I installed Linux on a PC that was previously running WinXp. CPU is Athlon XP 2200+, so no SSE2, so Flash Player not working.

    It is unbelievable to see how these bug reports are treated. The cause was found in April 2012* already! All the Adobe employees (Zhe Wang and Jing Chen) do, is close the bug report or lower the priority of the bug. Not because the bug was solved or is not important, but because they do not have a CPU to reproduce the problem themselves!** Unbelievable. Adobe, give your support employees the necessary tools to do their jobs!

    * See bug IDs 3154276 and 3161034.
    ** See bug ID 370392.

  • Surrounder

    2:34:22 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 12, 2014

    Since maybe 2 years, all updates of the Flash Player plugin (the latest one is currently were unable to play any video. Apparently it is related to SSE2 instructions being used which my CPU (AthlonXP) does not support.
    Obviously, a check is missing in the library whether SSE2 is available or not.

  • chris_unitt

    1:39:19 PM GMT+00:00 Jan 5, 2014

    Installed kubuntu on an Athlon XP 3200+ machine following a hard drive failure. Didn't want to re-install XP due to support ending soon. Didn't want to spend money on upgrading Windows. Now flash doesn't work. If anybody needs an example why proprietary closed source software is bad this is it. The pepper version of flash that is embedded into Chrome now also suffers from the same problem rendering Chrome useless on this machine also!

  • hj000000001

    11:59:02 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 31, 2013

    my computer is not useful anymore because of this bug! In my opinion this bug shows exact how much Adobe care about their customers.

  • KyL416

    10:24:24 PM GMT+00:00 Dec 4, 2013

    Just fix it already. It's bad enough you refuse to properly support Linux anymore, the least you can do is recompile 11.2 to support non-SSE2 computers.

  • richfeat

    8:56:56 AM GMT+00:00 Oct 8, 2013

    I have spent more hours than I care to recall trying to update a batch of 32bit AMD Sempron/Athlon machines to currently supported Ubuntu LTS standard. Machines old but perfectly usable. All blanked using ADOBE Flash in browsers. No obvious error message - nothing. Hours looking at Nvidia driver possible complications - lots of false trails, but in the end - nothing. And this bug was live all the time! SHAME ON YOU ADOBE.

  • chrismil

    2:56:26 AM GMT+00:00 Sep 4, 2013

    Having upgraded ubuntu to Precise flash has stopped working. My hardware does not have sse2 instructions. Please make available a non-sse2 build. This has stopped my whole software testing on the ubuntu platform where I do my software development. I feel abandoned .

  • robert.zelnik

    9:13:02 PM GMT+00:00 May 13, 2013

    I have the same issue: the flash plugin seems to be installed correctly. In Chromium it shows "Missing Plugin" error, in Iceweasel it shows white spaces instead of flash.

  • bobluciano

    8:35:30 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 22, 2013

    Many businesses continue to use older machines due to economical reasons and the need for consistency. I still find my older PC very serviceable. Not being able to use flash results in not being able to view news and information that I need.

  • david44_on_linux

    5:08:53 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 19, 2013

    It affect many users and the only solution is to use an old flash player release as this one for Ubuntu like: but that not good at all.

  • WacoJohn

    9:01:46 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 10, 2013

    It impacts productivity because it does not work. I am adding this vote to encourage Adobe to fix the problem.

  • No Fun

    11:28:14 AM GMT+00:00 Dec 24, 2012

    Got this on my AthlonXP 2500+ :(

  • isteinbach

    12:52:49 PM GMT+00:00 Oct 3, 2012

    Flash is no longer usable. Many sites I regularly visit work only in a limited way or don't work at all when there is no working flash player plugin. Switching to a different OS just because Flash breaks is not an option.

  • mikesol

    11:58:26 PM GMT+00:00 Sep 15, 2012

    Fullscreen does not work in Linux with Flash 11.2. See my report

  • Affenkind12345

    6:39:01 AM GMT+00:00 Aug 23, 2012 doesn't work with Firefox under Linux

  • jyrik

    2:07:15 PM GMT+00:00 Jul 17, 2012

    2 times AMD Atlhon not working

  • FIX MY XP2400

    2:50:13 PM GMT+00:00 Jul 11, 2012

    five broken platform here
    -SEMPRON 2800,3000
    -ATHLON 2400,2400,2500
    with broken with v11.2

    fixed BADLY by downgrading to 10.x.

    HOW CAN 3 MONTHS AFTER BEING REPORTED a simple recompiled v11 is not available...?
    Security by Adobe, yeah

  • OldCoder56

    5:27:18 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 5, 2012

    currently have to hi-jack .so from google chrome. manual process, time consuming.

  • SimonWaters

    3:15:02 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 28, 2012

    Duplicate of 3158108 - silly to run insecure flash or upgrade hardware for the sake of a compiler settings, most compilers will write code that can work around this - using the sse2 instruction when it is present.

  • root234

    5:33:22 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 20, 2012

    I also vote for the removal off SSE2 requirements.
    So that I can update our AMD AthlonXP machines to the latest flash-plugin!

  • tao101

    11:11:28 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 15, 2012

    I already voted for the duplicate ticket #3154276, but will play your game and vote here, too. I spent a number of hours over several days, troubleshooting why Flash was dead on my Athlon XP Ubuntu Linux PC, and the answer made me very angry.

  • Tothwolf

    11:08:17 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 14, 2012

    This should be a high priority bug since it causes the plugin to crash, which could in turn cause the browser to be left in an unstable state. The fix is also very easy: remove the SSE2 compiler and linker flags that were mistakenly added to the build system during the 11.2 development cycle.

  • ajhcasual

    9:11:43 AM GMT+00:00 May 22, 2012

    I am involved with preparing computers for a non-profit organization, and this bug has caused a delay in the process of giving the machines away for charity. As the computers are set to auto-update, this version of Flash will inevitably end up on all the computers, so we will be forced to lock in an older version of Flash unless a fix is committed.

  • ElectTech

    3:15:42 PM GMT+00:00 May 12, 2012

    I am unable to view any Flash content so I need to use another computer to view Flash content if I am aware that there is Flash on the web page. Sometimes I am not aware of Flash content a web page so I do not know I need to record the web page to view the missing content. I have to record the web page address and take that information to another computer to view the Flash content. Please remove the instruction(s) causing Flash to fail in future releases of Flash.

  • vvd416

    6:50:57 PM GMT+00:00 May 5, 2012

    The same problem in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, AMD processor.
    Flash started working after I replaced with the one from

  • nerd_girl

    4:11:31 AM GMT+00:00 May 2, 2012

    I have this problem too.
    AMD Athlon 900.
    Debian 6
    I've tried firefox and seamonkey.
    Youtube and all flash sites shows a black box instead of the player.

  • MW012345

    9:27:41 AM GMT+00:00 May 1, 2012

    Yes, please remove SSE2 instructions from forthcoming releases.
    Having to use a renamed ("ripped" from Google Chrome) with Firefox in order to have an up-to-date and working Adobe flash player shouldn't be necessary, should it?

  • lahtis

    6:19:53 AM GMT+00:00 May 1, 2012

    Please remove SSE2 and use a sse.

  • Strykaas

    4:33:18 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 28, 2012

    Please remove SSE2 isntructions.

  • rnjacobs

    5:44:21 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 23, 2012

    Obviously, total nonfunctionality negatively affects my ability to use flash.
    Furthermore, releasing a current version that people can't use encourages them to use an older, vulnerable version of the plugin instead.

  • FlashLoose

    3:29:05 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 19, 2012

    Manny Linux Users are impacted with this relevant bug. update is still bugged as you think this bug is unrelevant

    For users who would still use this proprietary software, you can install a previous version of Or remove flash from you computer. In this case, some videos works in Youtube in html5 native player.

  • jgotts

    2:49:07 PM GMT+00:00 Apr 12, 2012

    This version of fails to run on all 32-bit AMD CPU's, millions of installed units.

  • mhodak

    10:16:22 AM GMT+00:00 Apr 12, 2012

    Cannot view Flash content on my computer.

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