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Adobe AIR 3.2  -  Bug 3190676

Created on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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[Platform_Android]Android ICS : Netstream.close() doesn't work


Problem Description:
With Android ICS (4.0.3) on my Asus Tansformer TF101 or Android Emulator,
netstream.close doesn't work.
To show the problem, use a progressive video mp4 and a http-proxy (like charles proxy) :
the netstrean is not closed.

The problem is specific on Android ICS (4.0.3). All is ok on Android 2.3.x and 3.2.x

Steps to Reproduce:
- use the following projet : iwCloseNetStreamBug..fxp or the apk file in the project
- use a http-proxy (like charles proxy)
- create an emulator with target: Android 4.0.3
- start the emulator with http-proxy
emulator -avd Android4 -http-proxy
- start the application iwCloseNetStreamBug
- click on 'Play Video' button
- when the video starts, wait 2/3 seconds and click on 'Seek 1' button
- when the video re-starts, wait 2/3 seconds and click on 'Seek 2' button
-> see the http-proxy
The streams are not closed

Two images are enclosed in the project:
- test_windows7_ok.jpg : all is ok on Windows 7. The streams are closed in Charles proxy
- test_android4_bad.jpg : Charles proxy shows that the streams are not closed.

If you test with a real devices (like Asus Transformer with ICS 4.0.3), the application freezes
because the streams are not closed.

With AIR3.2, there is the same problem.

Note: the project iwCloseNetStreamBug.fxp use Flex SDK 4.6.2.
It's an internal name: it's Flex SDK 4.6.0 + AIR SDK 3.3 beta 4

Actual Result:
Stream is not closed after netstream.close or netstream.dispose

Expected Result:
Stream must be closed after netstream.close or netstream.dispose

Any Workarounds:

Test Configuration

My Hardware and Environment details:

App Language(s) ALL
OS Language(s) French
Platform(s) Android 4.0

Notes (8)

  • hiteck7

    12:04:20 AM GMT+00:00 Aug 9, 2012

    AIR BETA AUGUST 7 2012 BUILD works great for me ! lots of videos streaming effortlessly on Android now.

    Erroneously tried (IOS6), fix is not in that IOS build

  • yvrez

    12:29:51 PM GMT+00:00 Jul 15, 2012

    Same situation for http streaming large mp3s (podcasts) & icecast streams. Unable to properly stop the netstream. The bandwidth goes quickly up as users navigate between radio stations & podcasts!

    Working perfectly on IOS but not on Android 4.0 (not tested on previous os version).
    Adobe this is a real problem for my project as the client expect ios & android release.

  • bjsr12345

    10:57:51 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 29, 2012

    Im also having an issue similar to this. Adobe Air 3.1, capacitive runtime on a Samsung Galaxy S2 (ICS 4)

    When I attempt to close a NetConnection the application freezes and then force closes.

  • Jing Chen

    8:07:16 PM GMT+00:00 Jun 10, 2012


    Thank you very much for reporting and extending your offer to help, we have reproduced this issue. And while it might not make our next release, we will investigate this for a future build. I’d like to recommend letting other user’s know about this issue and have them vote and comment so that we can adjust and prioritize accordingly.

    Thank you,


  • Phil Flash

    1:07:45 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 8, 2012

    Hi Jing,
    If I click on "seek 1" then on "seek2" button, there are 3 opened streams. No video is played because the application loads 3 videos in the same time.
    If I use a "smaller" video and I wait for a time, the video is fully loaded. In this case, the netstream is closed and all is ok.
    IMHO, when the netstream.close() method will work, all will be ok

  • Jing Chen

    4:15:46 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 7, 2012


    Thank you very much for reporting.

    Could you describe the result in detail? When the application freezes, does it mean the video freezes or the entire app not work?
    I've seen the unclosed stream, but when test on Android 2, 3, the video sometimes also freezes.


  • Phil Flash

    12:15:50 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 4, 2012

    Is-it possible to have any news on this critical bug on ICS ?

  • Phil Flash

    1:25:59 PM GMT+00:00 May 15, 2012

    Other users have the same problem:

Duplicate ID
Reported By Phil Flash


State Open
Status ToTrack


Priority 3-High
Frequency All users will encounter
Failure Type Crash
Product Area Video


Found In Build
Fixed In Build

Attachments (1)

Votes (11)

  • CDG24

    11:27:51 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 6, 2012

    I´ve been waiting for too many releases hoping solves this issue!!!!

  • hiteck7

    10:31:53 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 6, 2012

    Like others state above, this has a very large impact on my mobile application that is (streaming) video-centric. Rather than showing off FLASH on mobile (super big time), I will have to keep it under wraps until this is resolved.

  • Zone3D

    5:22:07 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 6, 2012

    A critical bug that needs to be fixed - you can't build any streaming video app with that bug.

  • sinious

    5:21:37 AM GMT+00:00 Jul 6, 2012

    Memory issues especially on larger media are becoming an issue along with erratic audio.

  • bjsr12345

    10:58:37 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 29, 2012

    Causing mobile app to crash, consistently!

  • wrench

    6:29:09 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 29, 2012

    This bug also effects my app on ICS 4.0.3 with Air 3.3 causing the app to crash

  • _jgarcia_

    2:18:58 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 18, 2012

    I am also encountered this problem. Please, fix this bug as soon as possible.

  • mgarcia_

    2:05:22 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 18, 2012

    I have the same problem in my app. How long will it take to fix this Bug? Thanks.

  • Denis.Dureux

    2:00:24 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 18, 2012

    We are not able to solve an important problem in a .flv streaming app in android. User must close the app and restart it

  • camaya_

    1:40:13 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 18, 2012

    I need to solve this issue and the app is finished! i hope this fixed soon

  • fibarra00

    1:25:09 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 18, 2012

    It is a very annoying bug that should be resolved as soon as possible

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