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ColdFusion 10.0  -  Bug 3305486

Created on Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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CGI.path_info is coming as empty string when url rewrite condition uses {PATH_INFO} in IIS


Problem:CGI.path_info is coming as empty string when url rewrite condition uses {PATH_INFO} in IIS


Configure connector with IIS site.
Install url-rewrite module for IIS.
Add inbound rule with following settings-
REuqested URL: Mathces Pattern-
Using: Regular Expressions
Pattern: [a-z]

Action Type: Rewrite
Rewrite URL: /bug/index.cfm{PATH_INFO}

In the webroot of the iis site create a directory named bug and add an index.cfm with code
<cfdump var="#CGI.PATH_INFO#">

now access the following url

CGI.PATH_INFO is empty string

CGI.PATH_INFO should be var12/var34


Test Configuration

App Language(s) English
OS Language(s) English
Platform(s) Mac 10 All, Win XP All

Notes (2)

  • Aaron Neff

    10:33:37 PM GMT+00:00 Sep 21, 2012

    I've verified ColdFusion 10 Update 1's isapi_redirect.dll fix works properly and CGI.PATH_INFO correctly returns the {PATH_INFO} from the IIS Rewrite Rule. Very cool!

  • CF-AXL

    9:46:52 PM GMT+00:00 Aug 9, 2012

    Here is a workaround.
    Use URL variables instead.

    Requested URL: Matches the Pattern
    Using: Regular Expressions
    Pattern: ^([^/]+)/([^/]+)
    Action type: Rewrite
    Rewrite URL: /bug/index.cfm?v1={R:1}&v2={R:2}

Duplicate ID
Reported By Evelin Varghese


State Closed
Status Fixed


Priority 3-High
Frequency Most users will encounter
Failure Type Incorrectly Functioning
Product Area Installation/Config


Found In Build 10-final
Fixed In Build 282710

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