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ColdFusion 10.0  -  Bug 3339175

Created on Sunday, September 30, 2012

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"coldfusion status" command fails silently on Linux


Problem Description:
On Linux, if sudo is configured with the "env_reset" option, the "coldfusion status" command fails immediately without giving any output.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Install ColdFusion 10 standalone
2) Ensure the env_reset option is enabled by default in /etc/sudoers

Actual Result:
No output

Expected Result:
"Server is running " or "Server is not running"

Any Workarounds:
Apply this patch:

Test Configuration

My Hardware and Environment details:
RHEL6 64-bit on x86_64

App Language(s) English
OS Language(s) English
Platform(s) Linux RH Enterprise 6

Notes (3)

  • Krishna Reddy P

    3:35:39 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 11, 2013

    Does this happen in Solaris? Assuming it is not it is not changed for Solaris.

  • Douglas Knudsen

    8:38:10 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 6, 2013

    This is a issue on OS X as well. Note from other related bugid, Pete has the same approach as jruusu here.
    I'm building a Widget and can't get status using it do to this.

  • jruusu

    9:23:33 PM GMT+00:00 Sep 30, 2012

    Possibly related bug: 3325996

Duplicate ID
Reported By jruusu


State Closed
Status Fixed


Priority 4-Very High
Frequency All users will encounter
Failure Type Non Functioning
Product Area Installation/Config


Found In Build Final
Fixed In Build 285118

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Votes (4)

  • Douglas Knudsen

    8:39:30 AM GMT+00:00 Jun 6, 2013

    see comments...oops and now I need 25 chars here

  • JohnnyP10

    1:03:03 PM GMT+00:00 May 30, 2013

    it would be nice to see this corrected.

  • serdman77

    7:23:18 AM GMT+00:00 May 30, 2013

    This causes some holes in our automation, plus it just makes sense. A status check should return a status.

  • Nathan Mische

    6:55:27 AM GMT+00:00 May 30, 2013

    This bug leads to some ugly code in the coldfusion10 Chef cookbook:

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