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ColdFusion 9.0.1  -  Bug 3364465

Created on Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Incorrect compiler error when CFCOMPONENT tag found in CFM file


Problem Description:
If one inadvertantly has a <cfcomponent> tag in a CFM file (say you named the file with the wrong file extension), the compiler error is "Invalid CFML construct found on line 1 at column 1. ColdFusion was looking at the following text: < The CFML compiler was processing: < marks the beginning of a ColdFusion tag.Did you mean LT or LTE?"

It's not the < that's the problem, it's that <cfcomponent> is illegal in a CFM file. So that's what the error message should be.

Steps to Reproduce:
Define a CFC in a file with a .cfm extension, compile it.

Actual Result:
As above.

Expected Result:
An accurate error message

Any Workarounds:
Well it only happens if there is user error anyhow, so the work around is to not write bad code! Still: CF should report errors correctly.

Test Configuration

My Hardware and Environment details:

App Language(s) English
OS Language(s) English
Platform(s) Win XP All

Notes (0)

Duplicate ID
Reported By Adam Cameron


State Closed
Status NeverFix
Reason NotWorthEffort


Priority 1-Low
Frequency Very few users will encounter
Failure Type Incorrectly Functioning
Product Area CFComponent


Found In Build 9.0.1
Fixed In Build

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